Progress on The Last Peace

Monday, Nov 9, 2009  

If anybody checks back to this website for updates because you're just oh so waiting to dive into this book, (please don't laugh, okay I say that to make myself feel good) then you might wonder how this book is going and if it will EVER be released.  I do know that its basically taken me much longer than usual to put out something, once I've decided on doing so.

For one thing, this is the probably MOST SWEET (in my opinion) publication I've done.  As a crazy, loving artist boy, that is saying a LOT for me.  At some points, I considered putting this on the shelf and not to release it.  Not because its garbage, because I think its some of my best work, but sometimes its a little hard for even me to be as honest as I am in this book. 

Truth is that The Last Peace basically has been near completion and ready to go for a while now.  I tend to hold back until I feel the courage to put my heart out there though.  But I'm really feeling like I may be able to put it out very soon!!

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