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Sunday, Sep 6, 2009  

Hello there!

Brian here, and I'm just about to finish up my next publication called The Last Peace.  The subject matter is feeling to be on the doorsteps of finding inner peace, closure and dealing with the memories of pain in my heart and my life.

Of the publications I've released so far in 2009, I'd have to say that this one is definately the most personal, and precious to me.  Its very sweet.

This book will consist of printed book with words and spoken audio CD.  I am using nicer paper than I usually use for the pages so its absolutely wonderful to the touch!  The first printing will be limited to only 30 numbered copies with a cover that has precious red foil with the graphic I made that you see (except not animated of course).  Any copies printed after that may not have the cool red foil cover, because I only have so much red foil.

Samples and pictures to come SOON!!


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