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Sunday, Sep 6, 2009

Hello there!

Brian here, and I'm just about to finish up my next publication called The Last Peace.  The subject matter is feeling to be on the doorsteps of finding inner peace, closure and dealing with the memories of pain in my heart and my life.

Of the publications I've released so far in 2009, I'd have to say that this one is definately the most personal, and precious to me.  Its very sweet.

This book will consist of printed book with words and spoken audio CD.  I am using nicer paper than I usually use for the pages so its absolutely wonderful to the touch!  The first printing will be limited to only 30 numbered copies with a cover that has precious red foil with the graphic I made that you see (except not animated of course).  Any copies printed after that may not have the cool red foil cover, because I only have so much red foil.

Samples and pictures to come SOON!!

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How to Request a Copy!!

Sunday, Sep 27, 2009

If you are interested in requesting a special First Print copy, either send me an email or give me a call and I'll add you to the list.  If you are a real deer, then I would LOVE for you to have one of the special first copies!!



It should be finished sometime October, 2009 but I am still adding touches to it currently.

Here is the pre-release flyer I made which you are welcome to download or share.

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Sample poem contained in the book

Monday, Sep 28, 2009

Free sample content?  Okay.  I hope you like this, because if you don't the rest of the book is basically more of the same...
Ferocious Diehard – September 11, 2009
I make such an effort to always be polite
to present myself well and comb my hair right
You see I love like there is no other choice
deciding with passion and a sense of rejoice
Constantly moving to make myself the best
My drive is so fierce, people think I don't rest
Vast interests diversified, completing many tasks
yet I'm always willing to give my time to anyone who asks
its clear I'm willing to do whatever it takes
A million times polished learned from all my mistakes
I want you to know I'm a ferocious diehard like this
then you won't see my true loneliness

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Progress on The Last Peace

Monday, Nov 9, 2009

If anybody checks back to this website for updates because you're just oh so waiting to dive into this book, (please don't laugh, okay I say that to make myself feel good) then you might wonder how this book is going and if it will EVER be released.  I do know that its basically taken me much longer than usual to put out something, once I've decided on doing so.

For one thing, this is the probably MOST SWEET (in my opinion) publication I've done.  As a crazy, loving artist boy, that is saying a LOT for me.  At some points, I considered putting this on the shelf and not to release it.  Not because its garbage, because I think its some of my best work, but sometimes its a little hard for even me to be as honest as I am in this book. 

Truth is that The Last Peace basically has been near completion and ready to go for a while now.  I tend to hold back until I feel the courage to put my heart out there though.  But I'm really feeling like I may be able to put it out very soon!!

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Hey, I'm going to FINALLY release The Last Peace very soon here! 

A small number of people asked to be put on the list for this book.  The content was completed almost six months ago, but I didn't have it in my heart to release it yet so I shelved it.  So I feel like I now have the courage to let it go.  The people that asked to be put on the list, I will contact you and I hope you are still interested.  But if its been so long you just don't want to hear from me anymore, that's ok too...

I spent last night editing and mixing the audio files for the CD.  Trying to get comfortable hearing myself, I kind of talk like a little boy.  Maybe a thoughtful and well spoken little boy.

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